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Wild Fire Camp

Bedouin Nomads Adventures offers a unique desert camping experience that is perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We provide a wild camping experience that includes a traditional Bedouin tent, with a fireplace for warmth, in a quiet place away from the light and other camps. You can take in the stunning views of the sunset and sunrise from our camp and enjoy a barbecue dinner under the starry night sky. Our campsite also includes a small tent for you to sleep in, either alone or under the stars, with no bathroom facilities. Join us for an unforgettable desert camping experience!

Price: 35 JOD

included: food, breakfast, dinner, water, mattresses, transfer, accommodation

Bedouin Camp

At Bedouin Nomads Adventures, we provide a unique desert camping experience in the Protected Area of Wadi Rum. Our camp is located away from the bustling tourist areas, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the vast desert. We offer a range of amenities, such as comfortable beds, blankets, pillows, and sheets, along with the opportunity to rest outside on the sand dunes and watch the beautiful sunset. Join us to experience the magic of the desert!

Price: 25 JOD

included: food, breakfast, dinner, water, mattresses, transfer, accommodation, bathroom and shower

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