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Day Tours

Experience the beauty of the desert up close with a Jeep or camel tour! Our knowledgeable tour guides will take you off the beaten path, providing you with an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the stunning sand dunes by try the sandboard, visit the ancient ruins, and observe the diverse wildlife in the area. 

Jeep Tours

3 hour jeep tour

Starting from Wadi Rum village, this jeep tour will take a lovely and scenic route to the Nabatean temple, Lawrence's spring and the red sand dunes before getting to the Khazali Canyon. After visiting the canyon we will make our way back to the starting point. 

1 person  50 JOD 

2 - 4 people 30 JOD pp 

5 or more people 25 JOD pp

(included: transfer, Bedouin tea and water)

Full day jeep tour

The full day tour will start from Wadi Rum village, after pickup we will quickly make our way to the Nabatean temple, Lawrence's spring and the red sand dunes before getting to the Khazali Canyon, following the morning's 3 hour route. In the afternoon we will drive to 

Um Frouth rock bridge, where after we will take a break to have a lovely and traditional Bedouin lunch served with hot tea. in the afternoon we will continue to Burrah canyon, where we can take our time to explore. After we will visit the red sand dunes and make our way to the Burdah rock bridge where we will watch the sunset to end our trip.   

1 person  80 JOD 

2 - 4 people 45 JOD pp 

5 or more people 35 JOD pp

(included: transfer, lunch, Bedouin tea and water)

2 day jeep tour

In this 2 day long jeep tour you will start out in the morning from the Wadi Rum village and taking our time to enjoy what Wadi Rum has to offer as we make our way to the Lawrence spring, Khaz Ali Canyon, the red sand dunes, Um Frouth rock bridge, before taking a nice lunch with a small bonfire and some tea in the shade. In the afternoon we will continue with some more desert sightseeing before finishing up day one with a beautiful sunset view and head back to the campsite for a well deserved dinner. Day two will see us heading out to the white desert where we can enjoy the peace and quiet that the absence of other people will bring, after we will make a visit to meet a Bedouin family and go to ride through the desert on camelback. After the camel ride we will head back to finish in the afternoon.

1 person  250 JOD 

2 - 4 people 180 JOD pp 

5 or more people 125 JOD pp

(included: transfer, lunch, Bedouin tea and water)

Jeep tour 2d.png

Camel tours

Experience the wonders of the desert on a camel ride! Our camel tours range from 1 to 3 hours and you can even book a full day tour, lasting up to 3 days. Our camel rides take you from the Wadi Rum village to Lawrence Spring, exploring the red sand dunes along the way. With our full day camel rides, you can visit places that you can’t reach on a jeep, like between canyons. Enjoy a unique experience in an untouched, non-touristy place and take beautiful pictures to remember your adventure. Make unforgettable memories, enjoy lunchtime when taking a full day tour, and savor tea and water with Bedouin food.

2 hours 30 JOD pp

1 day 75 JOD pp

(included: transfert, lunch, bedouin tea and water)

Wadi Rum trail tours

Our Overnight Hike and Jeep Tour offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Hike through the stunning white and red deserts of Jordan, and take a short camel ride to explore the area further. Enjoy a jeep tour and wild camping in the desert, as well as trekking and scrambling along the Jordan Trail and mountain hikes. All meals are included, so you can relax and enjoy the views while we take care of the rest.

1 person 360 JOD 

2 - 4 persons 250 JOD pp

(included : transfert, Jeep, bedouin guide, overnight stay, all meals, water, camel ride for 2 hours, accomodation)

Camel ride wadi rum
group hike with camel
Crazy Zidane :)
Climbing Activity wadi rum
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