Feel the wind in your hair and stare into the limitless frontier of Wadi Rum desert from the back of one of our jeeps. For the more adventurous there are plenty of opportunities to scramble, hike and explore or just sit back and enjoy the views.

Booking a jeep tour with Bedouin Nomads

There are so many places to see in Wadi Rum that every experience is unique. We always take the time to connect with visitors to build the perfect experience for them, always adding our perspective to offer the authentic Bedouin experience. Our tours adapt to the preferences of our visitors, whether they wish to do a multi-day hiking trip, or just tour the desert for a few hours, we will make sure their experience is an unforgettable one

We welcome you at Wadi Rum Village, we have some tea, and plan the details of our journey together 

The first part of the journey begins. One of our tour guides will pick you up and show you around the best sites. You decide, if you want a tour around the sights, some light hiking or if you prefer, a more extended hiking tour

Around midday, we will sit down at a nice spot and enjoy a relaxing bedouin lunch.

After lunch, we pick up our tour where we left it, looking at how the desert starts to shift colors as sunset approaches

Now its time to see one of the highlights of the trip: the sunset. We sit down at a scenic place, and simply enjoy. Take some time to reflect on your day and connect with the views

The end of the tour approaches. For those who wish to sleep in Wadi Rum, we will take them to our camp or wild camping site to enjoy a bedouin dinner, sit around the fire, sing songs and tell ancient tales of our ancestors.

Day tours

Day tour + hiking and scrambling

Multi day and thematic tours

Day tours are perfect for those travelers short on time, or who are in this beautiful country for a limited period and want to get a glimpse of Wadi Rum without missing out on all the other sites.

2+ people:

 8hr Tour- 45 JOD (NOW 35 JOD)

Even though every tour will allow visitors to walk around as much as they want, the most adventurous travelers can take on some of our extended trekking, hiking, and scrambling tours in-between jeep rides 

2+ people:

 8hr Tour- 60 JOD per person (NOW 50 JOD)

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