Multi day and thematic desert adventures

For those travelers looking to get the fullest Wadi Rum Experience, we offer bundle multi-day tours, alternative routes, bedouin culture immersions and thematic tours

Multi Day adventures and thematic tours

All of the packages we offer can be mixed and matched to fit specific preferences. When youspend some time in the desert, you will know enough to know what you like better, feel free to talk to your guide anytime to adjust your trip and to see things beyond the tour bundle. Accommodation (wild desert camping) and food is included in every trip


Multi day jeep tours

Combining Jeep Tours, with hiking of whatever level, a tour of 3-4 days is perfect to detox from the city noise, connect with the desert and learn the most about this beautiful place.

2-3 days tour:

2+ people: 75 JOD pp/day (NOW 65 JOD)

The people of the desert tour


This tour can last from one day to several. THis tour is perfect for those who seek to get a glimpse of the true bedouin culture. Aside from jeep tours and hiking, we will stop at several bedouin camps, speak to the locals, learn about their history and culture and get to the past cultures that inhabited this place and the footprints they left. 

Note: this is an add on to the tour with no extra cost

Lawrence Tour

This tour is perfect for history buffs and classic cinema enthusiasts. From Wadi Rum to the road to Aqaba, this experience consists on a 3-day desert tour that follows the route T.E Lawrence took with the bedouin revolutionaries during the Arab Revolt in 1916, stopping at some majestic hiking sites like Umm a-dammi and Jebel Khash. We will stop by Lawrence's house and also get testimonies from the ancestors of those who fought along side Lawrence.  

Note: This tour ends on the road to Aqaba. We can either bring you back to Wadi Rum or arrange a car trip to down-town Aqaaba (not included)

3 days tour

2+ people: 300 JOD pp (NOW 290 JOD)

Wildlife Hiking and Scrambling Multi-day tours

A multi day scrambling and hiking tour can take you far off the beaten path, to places very few people have visited before. This tours are perfect for wildlife watching and to overall enjoy nature away from human settlements. 

2+ people: 90 JOD per day (NOW 80 JOD)


Journey to Jebel Rum

2 days and 1 night

Climb the highest peak in Jordan. Follow the the Thamoudic route or Sheikh Hamdan route the choice is yours. 1 day from west to east or 2 days with camping overnight. (some abseiling required)

1 person - 350 JOD / person (NOW 340 JOD)
2 - 5 people - 270 JOD / person (NOW 260 JOD)